Jul 17

Comet c/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) and dawn and dusk, 7/17/20

by Tom Pennino After hearing members speak at the ASLI meeting Wednesday night, July 15, I realized that only Bill Bradley was able to view the Comet both during its AM apparition, and then during its PM apparition.  Bill commented that the AM view on Sunday morning far exceeded the twilight view he got of […]

Apr 28

The Hunt for Omega Centauri, 4/28/20

by Karl SilverbergI met up with Steve Bellavia at my Hamptons Dune Rd spot last night (maybe the spot doesn’t belong to me but it feels that way.) Lot of humidity in the air — my SQM was reading a few notches lower than normal — about SQM 20.8 — normally I get about 21.0. […]