Astronomical Society

of Long Island


Tom Paninno and his 8” f/6 Newtonian on the observing field at the Vanderbilt Planetarium, where we observe once a month.

John Vogt and his beautifully crafted 32” Dobsonian Telescope which he built, and which he made the mirror for.  A stepladder is needed to look through the eyepiece because of the height of the telescope when it is pointed above horizontal.  The mirror is not a solid piece of glass, but rather two pieces of glass, the front and back, fused to a honeycomb support structure.

Chris Costanza and his 16” Dobsonian telescope, set up on the observing field at Stellafane

Glenn Wester and his 12” Zhumell Dobsonian, on the observing field at Stellafane.

Members and Telescopes

These two photographs are of Pete Pastore’s “Gallileo Observatory” at his home in Massapequa.  The telescope is a 14” Meade, on a MI250 Mount.

We did a group photograph this week, before our evening of observing.  Members brought all kinds of telescopes, which you can see here, from a 16” dobsonian, down to a 4” Celectron Firstscope, in bright orange in the foreground.  Nice looking group, don’t you think?

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