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Dec 5 - Buying Your First Telescope - by Ed Anderson. With the holidays approaching, many people will be considering a telescope as a gift for someone or for the family. This discussion will cover the types of telescopes used for astronomy. We will also discuss the major factors to consider when buying your first telescope including the costs. Visitors and guests are welcome! We will have a discussion after the presentation where questions can be asked and the experience of others can be added to the topic.

Dec 12 - Observing Session.  Bring your telescopes and binoculars, or observe through our instruments.  It’s December, so dress warmly.

Dec 15 - Saturday Evening - ASLI Holiday Party - At Honu, in Huntington, NY at 7 PM. Pre registration required. $45.00 per person

Dec 19 - Winter Solstice Party - Bring your favorite munchies, guilty pleasures, or healthy foods, and liquid refreshment to be enjoyed by you and other club members.

Dec 26 - NO MEETING. It’s the day after Christmas




NGC 4216 in the Virgo Cluster by Dave Barnett

Our intrepid astrophotographer Dave Barnett apparently needs no sleep at all, judging by his latest handiwork.  In the center of the frame is the galaxy NGC 4216 in the Virgo Cluster.  It is 40 million light-years distant, and is an edge-on spiral galaxy.  It is nearly 100,000 light-years across, about the size of our own Milky Way galaxy.  It is flanked by fellow Virgo cluster member NGC 4222.  If you are thinking of trying astrophotography, you should know this is not a simple trick.  He used an 8” f/4 Newtonian, and this final image is a stack of 4 minute long sub exposures with a total time of 92 minutes.