Astronomical Society

of Long Island


Some Previous Monthly Presentations

Sam Storch  giving a talk about “Astronomy The Way it Was”, relating his experience as an amateur astronomer from his teenage years until the present, and the changes he has experienced.

Frank Melillo giving a presentation on the planet Venus.  Frank is the U.S. amateur who first discovered the white spot on the planet Venus. He is also the Mercury coordinator for The Association of Lunar and Planetary  Observers.

Venus Drawing Program

Several months ago we had a program that involved sketching a small model of the planet Venus, as seen through small telescopes, while indoors at the planetarium.  The program was about the perception of the model, and what people thought they saw through the telescope.  It was wonderful to see the work that went into making the drawings, and this was mostly people who have had no experience drawing.  There was a later talk about the results of the experiment, and a slideshow of all of the drawings.

Jared Van Houten sets up his laptop and prepares to give his talk and slideshow on the Planets at a recent ASLI meeting.

Dr. Neil Zimmerman, Lecturing at ASLI on August 17, 2011

Here's an amazing story... About 20 years ago this nine-year old boy came to our astronomy club, brought there by his dad, faithfully, week after week after week. He was really enthusiastic about astronomy, and really enjoyed our meetings. He became interested in observing, and he and his dad would go to Stellafane each year. He grew up, went off to college, got a Bachelor's and Masters in Electrical Engineering, and then went on to get a Masters and then a PhD in Astronomy from Columbia University. He is now a professional astronomer, headed to Germany for three years for his post doc work, at the Max Planck Institute. He has observed using the Hale telescope on Mt. Palomar and was part of a team which confirmed the physical association of the star Alcor's dwarf companion. And to think he had his start as a fourth grader in our astronomy club! He was the lecturer tonight at our meeting and it boggled my mind to hear him talk of his work, and then to think back to twenty years ago.