Astronomical Society

of Long Island


Custer Institute

A large number of us are members of both The Astronomical Society of Long Island, and Custer Institute, in Southold, NY.

The skies in Southold are dark enough to see the Milky Way most nights, so we take the time to drive all that way to have better skies to observe under.

And here is the URL for Custer Events, both astronomical and other lectures and entertainment:

Photograph of the Custer Institute building and dome, including a meteor to the north.

                                                                                        Photo Copyright © Glenn Wester, 2011

Photograph of the 25” Obsession telescope in the Custer Institute dome. Photograph Copyright © 2010, Justine Haupt

Because of this close association between our two organizations, we are including here a link here to their website. Please visit their website, and see all the activities and programs that take place there.  Here is the URL for their homepage: