Astronomical Society

of Long Island


Astrophotography by Club Members

The Summer Milky Way, by Ken Spencer, photographed at Stellafane, Friday Night, August 6, 2010.  Nikon D300, 30 second exposure, 16mm lens f/3.5, ISO 3200.  (Click on image for larger view)

Jupiter, by Frank Melillo

Celestron 8 inch SCT

ToUcam pro II

August 14, 2010

Two wonderful astrophotos by Pete Pastore from his home observatory in Massapequa.  Above is the Ring Nebula - M57, and to the left is the Dumbell Nebula, M27. He used a 14” Meade Schmidt Cassegrain telescope to image these objects.

Two photos of Mars in 2003 by Simon Levy, using a Phillips ToUcam, with  a Celestron 9.5” Schmidt Cassegrain.